Investigate Ferrier’s Story

Please read this article first before complaining!!

We did a quick scan for this lady – Morwenna Ferrier on The database with all personal information that’s already on the internet. You know where to search (-;

We did a search on for Morwenna Ferrier. We get results right away by searching for her name. The article she wrote is authentic! She did lived in a small farm in Chard back in 2003 until 2006.

Banksy, Robin Gunningham, is protected by and has a special status, so like details of politics are also protected by this system. That’s why you don’t see his name popup or his wife’s name.

But by the missing details you can see that Robin Gunningham lives here in 2008 – 2012. His undercover story back then was that he made the giant gold Bafta heads for the awards. And drives a Volvo. Who would believe you when you told people that Banksy would drive a Volvo?

His house

Also available online: PDF

True Story:

This house was sold in 2012 to someone “Peter Christian Hamilton”. This name will popup more often on this website in the near future. Peter Hamilton is also an artist “Pedro Estrellas“. He works with Luke Egan, the old roommate of, yes you’re right, Banksy, Robin Gunningham. Coincidence? We don’t think so!

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